• Re: California AB 3

    From Thumper@VERT/THEWASTE to All on Thu May 17 15:01:07 2018
    AB 3 is a freedom-infringing bill that would prohibit adults in the 18-21 age range from purchasing firearms and ammunition, which would prevent them from adequately defending themselves.

    This bill would directly inhibit the constitutional rights of young adults
    that are able to vote, enter into contracts, and serve in the military. Furthermore, this bill places blame on a person's age rather than the misuse
    of an object when committing a crime.

    What other constitutional right could be limited and segmented among free and legal adults over 18? The right to vote? Free speech? Protest? Assembly? Due Process? Speedy Trials? Worship? Equal protection? Privacy? Marriage?
    Movement? The answer of course, is none. And any type of proposed ban should
    be quickly rejected.

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