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    Over in the fido politics forum, the difference is usually explained
    by "the summer riots didn't target the capital or federal buildings."
    When you point out that the rioters in the Pacific NW often targeted
    a federal building, it is again defended by "but they didn't manage
    to get in."

    So it is more OK if you want to storm a federal building but don't
    actually make it in I guess.

    Considering the attempts at blocking off exits and burning a police
    station, that was pretty bad... As was launching commercial fireworks
    into said federal courthouse in an effort to burn it down. I seem to
    recall a federal detention facility was also attacked, one of the
    attackers shot/killed though.

    Of course that doesn't include hundreds of police injuries, iirc over a
    dozen police deaths, hundreds of civilian deaths, some brutal, over ten thousand citizen victims, hundreds held captive in chaz/chop, thousands
    of rape incidents (who knew blm were rapist incels), billions in
    property damage, and so much more.

    There were a handful of violent actors in the capitol riots (during
    daylight), I wouldn't exactly call it an insurrection though.

    As to not getting in... maybe because one was proactively defended, and
    the other, they opened the damned doors for.
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