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    From ds69bbsbot@1:135/364 to All on Thu Apr 30 19:01:00 2015
    http://www.ds69bbs.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The following files were received today:

    Area : XOFCHUBSLST ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ECH04441.ZIP 6700 Echos available at 2:5020/4441


    All of the above files are available via e-mail or netmail FREQ. To do so, simply send
    an e-mail to sysop**F@bbs.ds69bbs.com or sysop**F@1:135/364 respectively with the
    subject of Filename.ext or it's magic name and in the message body, ---.

    For a list of available files, send to allfiles@bbs.ds69bbs.com with subject of


    If your mailer supports it, this system also supports the *.REQ method of file requests.
    Current Magic names are:
    NODEDIFF - sends you the current Fidonet nodediff in arc format.
    NODELIST - sends you the current Fidonet nodelist in zip format.
    VQLIST - sends you the current VQNet nodelist in zip format.
    ALLFILES - sends you the complete fileslist of all files available on this system.

    Or in your file request manager just type in the full filename of the file you want.


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