• spiffy doors

    From dream master@44:100/0 to All on Fri Apr 17 11:51:00 2015
    well i found out that dink did make a win32 version of his os/2 spiffy doors but they were very buggy. i found them on the internet buy searchign and his site is gone now but there is a place i cant remember off hand that mirrored his site. i will post it here.

    |08 .|05|13|15Dr|07e|08am Ma|07st|15er|13|05|08.
    |08 |05|13 |13|05|08
    |11 DoRE|03!|11ACiDiC|03!|11Demonic |08<|15dreamland|09.|15darktech|09.|15org|08>

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