• 56KBps - Discord server

    From xqtr@44:100/21 to All on Sun May 26 20:25:34 2019
    which are something between irc, im, social media... Discord, supports bots... so i wanted to make a bot to exercise my python skills (novice) and also do a proof of concept thing, on integrating a discord server with bbs-ing. So here it is... 56KBps... You can join via this invite link:


    The server in general is about, retro computing... so if you are into that stuff and like discord, come in. The special thing on the server is the bot... BB8. BB8 can do the following:

    - Read FSXNet messages (only title / last 20 msgs)
    - ... the same for DoreNet, SurvNet, AgoraNet.
    - Download some NULL tutors of mine (!tutor)
    - Get addresses for random BBSes (!bbs)
    - Get links for ANSI packs from 16colo.rs. You get a thumbnail of the
    file_id.diz and the link to get the pack. (!16c)

    More features can be added and fully integrate a BBS, like "who is on",
    "last callers" etc. Anything is possible. But for the time, the above
    features are enough.

    All features are implemented in a respectful way to the nets or 16colo.rs
    site. You will not get the full messages or all the packs, just a glimpse to
    those, so you are intrigued and also use the networks or visit the site.

    :: XQTR :: Another Droid BBS :: andr01d.zapto.org:9999 :: xqtr@gmx.com

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A43 2019/03/03 (Raspberry Pi/32)
    * Origin: Another Droid BBS # andr01d.zapto.org:9999 (44:100/21)