• NULL Mag. x004 for GUI env.

    From xqtr@44:100/21 to All on Tue Feb 19 23:52:59 2019
    i build an experimental version for null magazine that runs in x11/linux enviroments, in gui, with sdl2 libs.

    the advantage is that, the ansi graphics are displayed properly, with out the need of customizing terminal apps, with codepages and fonts. also the sound
    is much better and can play also in 64bit machines.

    to execute it you have to install the sdl2, sdl2 mixer and font, libraries to your system. in linux is easy.

    for now only a version for linux 64bit machines is built.

    you can grub it at: https://github.com/xqtr/null , another droid bbs,
    fsxnet, araknet, dorenet.

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