• NULL mag. #2 is coming...

    From xqtr@44:100/21 to All on Wed Aug 22 22:24:27 2018
    Ok... Autumn is in front of us and i am preparing the new issue for null magazine. Hopefully it will be released somewhere between September-October, with new tutors and articles.

    Some people, showed their interest in helping with the magazine. So this is a call to anyone who want to help to bring over their stuff/articles/art and
    send it over to me at xqtr@gmx.com.

    If you want to help, you can do one or more of the following things:
    - write an interesting article about computer/retro/bbs etc. stuff
    - write a tutorial for something ex. programming, hacking, cracking, setting
    up a program/system etc.
    - create some cool ANSI art for the mag menus/headers
    - choose and send the next mod/track music for the issue. You could also
    choose a theme for the tracks ex. movies, well known tracks etc. The theme
    for the last issue was music from some great old/90s games.
    - send us news from the ansi/bbs/coding scene. New programs? BBSes? groups?
    gossip? :)
    - have you attended a demo party? or some other type of festival? write about
    your experience.
    - other ideas? just send them... :)

    I have started writing my own stuff and even if the contribution from others wont be as expected, the new issue will still be made and uploaded. So, don't hesitate to send your stuff... :)

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