• Lunatic Fringe

    From Dribble@44:100/6 to All on Mon Oct 19 19:30:00 2015

    Running a fully modded Mystic 1.11a2

    Messgae Nets Include:


    also a proud member of BBSLink interbbs
    door games!

    Retro BBS - Section for oldskool bbsing

    tons of registered local doorgames!
    lots of awesome files!

    come check us out today!!!!

    Lunatic Fringe BBS
    Op: Dribble
    telnet: lunatic.zapto.org

    |08{|15Dribble|08} [|15ACiDiC/nRk|08]|07

    --- Mystic BBS v1.11 A2 (Windows)
    * Origin: Lunatic Fringe - lunatic.zapto.org (44:100/6)