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    From Khelair@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Mon Jan 18 05:32:00 2016
    It's my first time, I'm definitely a ruby virgin, so go easy on me. I'd been trying to think of something that I could work on that would be utilitarian, while exploring this new language that seems to have so much going for employment with it (at least in the Portland area). Anyhow, it turns out that my son was sneaking onto my computer after I'd fall asleep at night and really sabotaging his sleep schedule, so I decided that creating a process slaying script that I could throw in the crontab would be perfect.
    So, with little [more] ado, here's what I wrote that seems to be handling the job (though I haven't tested it again since a few minor tweaks): https://github.com/dgets/UserKill/blob/master/userkill.rb
    I'm interested in taking my learning of ruby to a level where I'm able to be familiar enough in a code shop to go on bug hunts for it, so please be nice, but don't hold any punches. If there's stuff I'm doing wrong I'd really like to know about it. Most of this _was_ snippeted from here and there, but I improvised in some bits and I think I'm starting to get a much better understanding of ruby syntax from this little bit, at least.
    Many thanks in advance for any pointers anyone might be able to offer.


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