• A slice of Raspberry Pi a

    From lodger@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Fri Mar 14 22:07:00 2014
    I'm one of the many Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and have spend quite some time soldering and experimenting with that little device. I've built a simple rover from stock parts (chassis, controller board, batterypack), did some tinkering with TinkerForge bricks and had fun soldering my first ever 3x3 LED cube (matrix is done, haven't had the nerves to do the electronics by now). And
    last but not least I've put one of those little devices in an old Comodore 64 breadbox case. Along with all the fancy stuff like a C= -> USB keyboard adapter, WiFi and running the Chameleon Pi "emulator-arcade-console-distro".

    In the past two years I've bought five of these devices, one got KIA but the other four server as the very core of the projects mentioned above. How about you people? Got a piece of Pi yourself?! What do you do with it?

    I'm curious,