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    From IB JOE@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to Chad Adams on Sun Sep 17 18:46:00 2017
    On 09/17/17, Chad Adams said the following...

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    Hey guys,

    I have a node that is running SBBS 3.16. They are not importing mail (fido-ftn-irex) with this error:

    2017-09-17 01:00:56 Inbox packet from 1:130/20 (not from 901:65535/901): C:\IRE

    1:130/20 is the correct address, no idea what the 901 address is. Is something possibly incorrectly configured in irex? I looked at SBBSecho.ini and it looks right.

    Any help is appreciated.

    here's 2 key bits of information you need... your address.... and your
    uplink's address.
    Put your address under sbbs setup networks/fidonet echo mail/system address
    All the Sub-bords should have your address linked to the message area... look at the sub-board setup section... network options...

    Under echocfg.exe goto nodes add your uplink's address there...

    Once you habe your areas setup, reflecting all your addresses in the correct spot, generate an arreas.bbs and it should work.

    I'd look in your areas.bbs file to see if your uplink's address is there...

    One thing SBBSEcho will do is to check to see if the mail its getting matches the configuration file to see if it should actually be tossing it into the system... That is more than likely your issue right here.


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