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    remote offices, and are the most affordable rock solid security you can by. The unit comes with a year of subscription. Once installed you can baiscly drop any virus protection on all pcs in network. Every packet

    Though I would suggest you do not avoid virus protection on your PCs (especially Windows-based PCs) because it is unlikely that the SonicWall can reconstruct all forms of packet transmissions when the files are payload in inner protocols and still be able to interrupt in realtime!

    Also, some methods of delivery encode files beyond the wrapping protocol. For example, email attachments are often uuencoded (and similar), or a file transfer application (perhaps even P2P) chunks files in its own protocol.

    Lastly, if an attacker gets into your network and bypasses that firewall, perhaps via a virus or trojan infected on a visitor's computer/device who visits your home, now all the PCs can get infected.

    Food for thought...

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