• I DID IT !

    From Ennev@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Fri Dec 19 11:03:00 2014
    My BBS install don't exist physically anymore ( sort of ). It's latest incarnation was on a old ibm netvista P4 514mb ram 80 gig.

    Late last year I've transitioned to the mac world ( 27" mac ) was already corrupted by ipad, iphone etc. And my recent work mandate is exclusively on linux based solution. So the transition was natural.

    But it left me with a perfectly working Dual-core with a lot of sata storage and 8gb or ram and gigabit ethernet. Overkill for small project but fun for virtualization since the motherboard support kvm(kernel based virtualization). So i can vitualize simultaneously maybe os'es like windows, unix etc in parallel.

    The fun is that to transition the BBS i hadn't had to change a single configuration on it. I've just made an image with CloneZilla that i've saved
    on my nas using samba. Created the vm server with Proxmox. created a virtual machine in it matching the hardware (1cpu, 80gig disk, 512 ram) and started clonezilla on it, from there I've restaured from the nas and that's it.

    just made sure my router was set to reconize the new virtual mac address so that the upnp port configuration would give access the vitualization access to the outside world and it really work like a charm.

    Next step will probably to make my original server relive, it's was a P3 under windows 2000 that died, but i kept the pata harddrive, I've got an adapter to pata to usb so i'll suck the juice out of it and virtualize it. It hadn't run in 4 years, but had a gold twgs licence and setup on it etc. Will be nice to see this again, and was fully customized, my current bbs isn't.

    For the experimenter VM are fun because you can clone images or create snapshot, then you can mess with the setup of the os/bbs without being scared of braking something, you can allways come back to the original setup in no time.

    Perfect learning ground.

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