• Re: Ambroshia: The Test O

    From KenDB3@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to Lord Blackfair on Thu Sep 18 10:36:00 2014
    Has anyone successfully got this game registered? I tried contacting the author to register the game, and he does not respond. There is a click button to send the guy payment through paypal off his site, but would like to get some kind of feedback so I am not throwing away $20.00.

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    I was trying to get info on this game for a little while for the same reason,
    I didn't want to throw money at the Paypal for no reason. Eventually, I just kind of figured it was abandonware at this stage. Apparently others thought
    so, because you can find a torrent of a registered copy here (I think you need to be signed in to browse the torrents at this site, but its a free registration): http://bbstorrents.bbses.info/

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