• DeveloperNet and LegionNe

    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Sun Jun 23 13:30:00 2013
    Hi all,

    I got a batch of messages on DeveloperNet last night that sound like they belong on LegionNet. The following echos have these messages:
    - Announcements
    - Sysops Only
    - DeveloperNet: General
    - Windows Development
    - *nix development

    To all BBS sysops who are on both DeveloperNet and LegionNet, please check your QWK configuration to make sure it's all correct (with unique internal codes) and that your DIGDIST hub configuration is correct. I'm currently posting this message on the DeveloperNet Windows Development sub, so if you see this message on LegionNet, then it's a sign that some configuration is crossed somewhere.


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