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    From Nightfox@DIGDIST/BATTLEST/FREEWAY to All on Sat Aug 29 15:17:00 2009
    I've created a BitTorrent file of some Windows developer tools I've collected and wanted to share it with anyone here who is interested. My collection includes freely-available Windows development tools (all English versions), including:
    - Visual Studio Express 2008: Free editions of Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual
    C#, Visual Web Developer, SQL Server, and MSDN Express.
    - Windows 2003 Platform SDK
    - wxWidgets: A nice, cross-platform GUI API for C++ (as an alternative to MFC,
    which isn't included in Visual C++ Express)
    - DirectX 9 SDK
    - Dev-C++: An alternate, free C++ IDE & compiler for Windows
    - wxDev-C++: A version of Dev-C++ specifically tailored for use with wxWidgets - XN Resource Editor: A resource editor for software projects (Visual Studio
    Express doesn't include a resource editor).

    The following is a URL where you can download my torrent containing this collection. It is line-wrapped, so you'll have to copy & paste both lines, without the trailing space at the end of the first line: http://digdist.bbsindex.com/Torrents/Eric's%20Windows%20Developer%20Tools%20Col lection.torrent


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  • From kozachok@DIGDIST to Nightfox on Mon Apr 17 02:08:30 2023
    On the home page of the site, users can use the search bar to find the DLL file they need by name or select from a list of popular files. In addition, a complete list of DLL files, categorized and sorted alphabetically, is available on the site. https://sxgkr.com/2023/01/

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