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    On the best driver:

    Ofcourse it was Sly Fox. He got to sip the champagne, kiss the pretty girl
    walk away with the trophy. Just because you have a fast car to start doesn't
    necessarily make you the best driver. Quick lesson... tortoise and the

    So then you feel that Benny Parsons, with ONE lead lap finish, (3%)
    and the champeenship, was the better of he and David Pearson
    with 11/18 wins.... and 14/18 lead lap finishes (78%)??


    I'm sticking with my feelings since I have been following/racing.
    I could care less about how, or who the champion is..
    It is just a trophy handed out at the end of the season...
    Based on whatever the criteria is that the sanctioning body decides.

    Benny would have traded seasons with Pearson, any day of the week...

    Mmmmmm.... the example was given for a race. No one said for the entire season. The decision for this format was to make it more compatable with the other sports in the country... a "playoff" system so to speak. Is it better, still has yet to be decided one way or the other.

    My explaination in a one race scenario still holds. The driver that went from last to first in 20 laps and for some reason screwed up leading the race doesn't make him the best driver. I grant you they're the fastest but still doesn't make him the best that day. The winner takes that honor every time.



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