• Some random BBS-related p

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    Re: Some random BBS-related projects I'm thinking about working on
    By: Jon Martin to All on Mon Mar 27 2017 10:45 am

    I was big into BBSs in the 80s, including the ocassional SYSOPing. I've been working since as a software engineer. Now I'm thinking about working on a few projects. I'm mentioning them in case anyone has any comments, ideas, or suggestions.

    - Offline QWK reader/editor for iPhone/iPad.
    - Door game (a few vague ideas - Roguelikes mostly)
    - Reddit message gateway
    - Text based wiki Door (read, search, edit...)
    - Asterisk or FreeSwitch BBS gateway (possibly just offline QWK reader)

    Just ideas. Who knows what I'll get around to doing. :)

    Those look like some good ideas. I think one nice thing to have would be a mobile telnet client for Android that renders BBS ANSI well. I seem to remember there being a fairly decent telnet client available for Android which works with BBSes, but it doesn't render ANSI well..

    And although I don't have an iOS device anymore, there's one I used to use on my old iPod Touch called iSSH that actually had good ANSI BBS rendering. However, I've heard that iSSH has since been pulled from the Apple app store.


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    - Door game (a few vague ideas - Roguelikes mostly)

    I used to spend HOURS playing that game on my old XT. :) Sounds like you
    have some good ideas.


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    Re: Some random BBS-related projects I'm thinking about working on
    By: Jon Martin to All on Mon Mar 27 2017 10:45 am

    I know I'm late to the game but would like to add a few cents to your post. If you use gopher at all, you'd see that people have mirrored wikipedia and reddit to gopher sites. Have you considered
    porting a text based browser like lynx for a bbs so users can 'surf' the standard web as well as gopher space? I added this idea to my list of things to do but it's down the list a long way. It
    would be hella tight if someone does this. I've been working my best to revert to using text based browsers and have a big appreciation for the feature in emacs, for instance. Shouldn't behard
    considering the browser is open source,
    Daniel Traechin

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