• Any other Amigans out there using FS-UAE?

    From Kevin Blakley@39:902/505 to All on Wed Feb 17 17:50:42 2021
    I like to carry my Amiga with me wherever I go. As such I have taken to using FS-UAE. It works reasonably well for games and I even have OS4.1 running on it
    though with horrible graphics. The graphics is what I have a question about.
    I understand that one can use the rom from a Picasso IV to achieve much better
    resolutions. I haven't been able to find a working Picasso rom. Does anyone out there know where I can find this working rom?

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  • From Marisa Giancarla@39:902/505 to Kevin Blakley on Fri Feb 19 21:50:09 2021
    Re: Any other Amigans out there using FS-UAE?
    By: Kevin Blakley to All on Wed Feb 17 2021 17:50:42

    I do. I have a Macbook Air I am looking at repairing and if I do I will use it as a dedicated FS-UAE machine. Right now I do run FS-UAE on my Ubuntu 20.x desktop for developing games...

    If you can't find the roms let me know and I can probobly help you out...

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