• C-Net Amiga Wheel of Fortune, v6.54

    From David Weeks@1:931/931 to All on Sat Jun 8 14:46:59 2019
    ...was just uploaded to both Frontiers BBS and Future World II BBS.

    This will be the LAST version to support OLDER versions of C-Net Amiga.

    This is a "hot-fix patch" update to the v6.52 that you should have installed and running before applying this update.

    Please do NOT add this archive as a download on your boards. You can also download the full 6.52 archive from either of these boards as well.

    Oh, and did I mention, there's a new PuzData file. Hmm, maybe a few more than 380 puzzles? I wonder!
    n1cdDc5otoran c6of cbFrontiers BBS cbfrontiersc6.cddotoranc6.cacomc6:c99892
    --- CNet/5
    * Origin: Reign of FIre BBS: rofbbs.cnetbbs.net:2300 * (931)494-9100 (39:902/518)