• AmiWest 2018

    From Ray Sbaitso@39:902/522 to All on Mon Sep 17 14:48:32 2018
    We're nearing a month before the start of this year's AmiWest show and
    DevCon. Even 25 years after the demise of Commodore, this year's show is shaping up to be one of the best yet and the Amiga scene is vibrant across hardware and software.

    First, on the hardware front, we will have new AmigaOne X5000's (http://www.amigaos.net/hardware/133/amigaone-x5000) for sale on the show floor. There are also many developments in hardware for Classic machines,
    like the Amiga 4000 replacement boards.

    On the software front, 2018 has seen new releases of system and applications software: MorphOS, Vampire (http://www.apollo-accelerators.com/), AmigaOS
    3.9 BoingBag 4 (http://lilliput.amiga-projects.net/bbag4.htm), and WinUAE. Already 2018 has been a good year for Amiga gaming with new Classic and NG games released.

    This year's show will feature a number of presentations along with more than
    20 tables on the show floor. Our featured presenters will be Aaron Smith (Amiga On The Lake, http://amigaonthelake.com/), Jamie Kruger (BitbyBit http://bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com/index.php), Hans De Ruiter (Radeon Driver developer), SACC members, and more.

    Daniel Muessener will also be making a special trip to his first AmiWest.
    In addition to working with many Amiga developers, like Entwickler-X (https://entwickler-x.de/), Hans De Ruiter and Hyperion Entertainment,
    Daniel has done a lot of work porting games to the Amiga platform, such as
    the Kickstarter hit, Tower57 (http://tower57game.com/). Join us at the
    banquet to learn more about this asset to the Amiga Community.

    As always, for those who can't make it, check Brian's Blog (http://www.amiwest.net/amiwest2018blog/) or the Website (http://www.amiwest.net) for details on the live stream.

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