• Amiga 3000 SCSI Boot Problems

    From Ingo Juergensmann@39:170/400 to All on Fri Aug 4 18:49:46 2017
    Hello everybody!

    I'm trying to update my old trusty A3000 to new levels. Well, somewhat at least.

    Because my old SCSI disks seem to face end of life, I got an Acard SCSI bridge AEC7720U, which works quite well on my SGI Indy as well as on my A3000. However, the ATA disks do have 10 GB or even more and I would like to make use of the additional space.

    On http://thomas-rapp.homepage.t-online.de/4gb_faq.html there is quite a good coverage on this issue.

    The problem now is:
    When the disks are connected to the WarpEngine040 SCSI bus, everything is working. But warpdrive.device is not supported for TD64 or NSD. So I would need
    my disks to be connected to the A3000 internal bus and its scsi.device. Sadly the A3000 doesn't boot from internal SCSI as long as the WarpEngine is plugged into CPU slot. It does boot with onboard 030 from internal SCSI bus. No changes
    on SCSI termination or cabling between with and without WarpEngine. What is changed. of course, are those jumpers on the mainboard that needs to be changed
    to run WarpEngine.

    Does anyone has an idea?
    I remember that it worked with internal SCSI bus and WarpEngine 20 years ago...


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