• Altiworld BBS

    From Payton Byrd@39:902/505 to All on Thu Mar 1 15:41:17 2018

    I'm the author and sysop of Altiworld BBS. It' a custom BBS written in C# that is built from the ground up to support multiple terminal modes at multiple widths. It can handle PETSCII on a VIC-20 all the way to the widest screens on a PC/Linux/Mac using ANSI and everything in between.

    Have a look today:

    bbs.altiworld.com : 513 <-- ANSI node
    bbs.altiworld.com : 6400 <-- PETSCII node
    --- SBBSecho 3.03-Linux
    * Origin: AmigaCity (39:902/505)