• [ANSI] Havens

    From HusTler@46:20/106 to All on Wed Aug 7 17:32:30 2019
    H A V E N S B B SIRC M
    RC Message Areashavens.synchro.net port 23yyyy
    Door Games Files SupportDovenet Fidonet Retrone
    tyyyyyyyyy $New Users WelcomeFsxn
    et Usenet Micronet$$$Scinet Vkrad
    :$$lll$S#*s,._ ::$$
    _., ;$$$$$ll
    $$l__., ,.__ `l
    $ ll$$`` __.,l$_.
    ,g#S$$$$| l$$$$S#g,._$$l
    :: dP````$$$ _.,g
    ```l$$l l$$l"```S$$$g
    $P`````l$$l$$l d
    $$ :$$$ $$$: $$
    l l$$`l$ll$$
    $$$yy#S$$$$$l $$l ll
    $$ l$$$$$$
    $$` l$$$ $$$l ll`
    $$$ `l$$b, , ,$$l$$
    $'~ yyyy $$$ `l$$l l
    $$$l$$l ` ,d$$$
    ll$$$g,._.,g$$l `S$$g,
    ,d$S' l$$__.,,gl$$lll
    $: W$`,$$$$l:
    $$ll ~``SllS"```"S$$;
    _,g`' :$$S"``~~
    l$$l $l ~`Sl_,d
    ll$$P$$$$Micronet Retron
    et Usenetport 23 ssh 2222ll$$
    $Retronet Fidonet Vkradionet```

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