• syncterm contained

    From captain morgan@46:1/104 to All on Fri Jun 21 10:02:07 2019
    I run Fatdog (a form of Puppy Linux but based on Linux From Scratch).
    Just set up a Xephyr, capsh, chroot to run syncterm within that under cwm
    ... for the better isolation that provides. 80x24 runs near full screen
    within that on my 1366x768 display laptop, just a 1cm gap or so down one
    screen edge. But I guess that is handy for having quick access to 'click
    the desktop' actions. blackflag.acid.org ansi all displays great and looks really nice.

    Seems increasingly that I'm moving more away from gui to tui, and syncterm along with BBS's access is part of that. Mostly just using gui for google (chrome) and LibreOffice. hashbang.sh for mail (mutt) and irc (irssi) that
    has the added benefit of all being routed over ssh (so no local UK government monitoring). Not that that bothers me particularly. I'm even routing gui traffic via socks5 to hashbang.

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