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    From Deavmi@46:1/107 to Accession on Sat Nov 19 21:26:02 2016
    On 2016-01-01 06:27 PM, Accession wrote:
    Hello All,

    So yesterday I finally finished upgrading my Gentoo machine which hosts all
    my services to the latest stable software. I hadn't updated for well over 6 months and knew when going into it there would be headaches.

    Basically, I started checking into what needed to be updated last Sunday.
    over 6 months and only ~130ish packages to upgrade? Not too bad, new GCC, new kernel version, let's go for it!"

    Started compiling.. after about 5 packages it breaks on something stuipid.
    to etc-update and merge a config file. Okay, not bad. Good thing I didn't
    away from the computer yet. Continue compiling.. walk away.

    Monday morning before work I check on it.. It only went about 3 more packages into the upgrade, and broke on gcc (which takes the longest to compile, somewhere around 1.5hrs). Didn't have time to mess with it till I got home
    work. Upgrade stalled..

    Get home from work, don't want to see gcc fail again, so continue the upgrade with the --skipfirst option, so as to not compile gcc. Before work Tuesday, I check on it. Everything is upgraded except gcc. Great, I'll leave it alone
    I get home from work again.. lol

    Get home, decide I'm going to compile the kernel before messing with gcc. Kernel fails to compile. They added new options that I needed to turn off, basically "64-bit kernel" is now an option, and I had to disable it. Try
    kernel fails on some wireless modules. I completely remove wireless options
    the kernel (that computer doesn't have any wireless anyways), and try again. Success! Had to recompile glibc due to some modules being broken.

    Wednesday after work, it's time to try to compile gcc. Sure enough, it fails again. Fuggit, I'm not messing with it anymore.

    To Mercyful Fate: You remember the past couple years of me having an issue compiling gcc, well.. had I looked into it back then, lol..

    Thursday I get off work early. Nice. Got some time to look into this.
    I only originally specified like 512mb of swap space for this machine when it has 2gb of ram. So look into any decent options to resize partitions. SystemRescueCD seems to be the only option nowadays that can at least make
    feel secure about doing it without messing up your data. Downloaded, but
    downloading I found some threads on creating a swap file. Hell, no need to resize my partitions? Bonus!

    Created a 2gb swap file as /var/swap.img. Okay, let's give it another go..

    GCC compiles perfectly. Heyo! Finally! After 3 unsuccessful compiles, and
    you start them, you don't stick around.. you leave and come back after 12
    or more, to find out it failed an hour in..

    When I started this, I told myself if there was a problem I couldn't fix, I
    backed up my entire BBS machine, and had the latest Archlinux ISO burned to
    and ready to switch. Well, looks like Gentoo is sticking around for awhile longer. :)

    As much as I despise it at times, it was my first jump into Linux, and is
    to this day the most challenging Linux distribution out there. I guess I like the challenge too much to move on. LOL


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    Oh yes, in gentoo you compile everything right?
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    Hello Deavmi,

    On 19 Nov 16 21:26, Deavmi wrote to Accession:

    Oh yes, in gentoo you compile everything right?

    Yeah. For people that have a LOT of time on their hands, it's great. I just want a running machine that doesn't break every other week.


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