• TeleMate dialing directory

    From Nightfox@46:1/150 to All on Thu Jul 2 22:19:32 2020
    Does anyone use TeleMate (in DOSBox) to call BBSes? Usually these days I've been using SyncTerm, but TeleMate was my favorite in the 90s. Recently I have set up TeleMate in DOSBox and have been able to telnet into BBSes with TeleMate with DOSBox's modem emulation.

    It has been a long time, but in TeleMate's dialing directory, supposedly you should be able to press Insert to insert a new BBS entry. However, when I press insert, it tries to dial (and of course, there's no BBS information in that entry for it to use). I was curious if there's something I forgot about adding an entry into TeleMate's dialing directory, or perhaps if it has some weird behavior in DOSBox?

    --- SBBSecho 3.11-Win32
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