From dingo@46:1/140 to all on Wed Aug 2 00:28:22 2017
    if you folks haven't dropped $20 for a usb dongle and antenna to try out http://www.rtl-sdr.com you're really missing out. I've known about it for
    years but just picked one up the other week, I work in a flight operations
    team and we communicate over simple FM radios at 150Mhz or so, and I thought
    it would be neat to log our communications in timecoded database along with
    our videos and telemetry data, just for the sake of "log all the data" seems
    to always pay off one way or another, and I had a basic scanner working within an hour of opening the box.

    Though I must admit, even as a programmer of dozens of languages, including
    the ones commonly used in this space (C, C# and Python), all of this free software, mostly for Windows and Linux, is really just janky. I looked for anybody who would take $100 to make a GUI with some programmable features, but there aren't many suiters. For something as cheap and interesting as these software-defined radios, I was dissapointed for lack of good windows software. Anyway I just happened to use windows because its the work-assigned craptop
    OS, looking forward to GNURadio, which looks pretty darn good from the
    outside, anybody else doing GNURadio and SDR-RTL?

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