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    I know the Page Sysop command on Linux does not work :/

    I thought I read some time back about someone having a work

    I know that this was of great interest to Dream Master. Maybe h in with a reply.

    Maybe so :) I can do it on the command line easily...but I'm apparen not getting the right combination in Mystic to call it up. Not that need it really, not much traffic on my board, but would be nice to ha it working.

    From what I can remember of similar discussions, the way to do it was to call the pager as a door and run a command line mp3 player to play a
    song. I've never tried it or investigated it, so I don't know if that will work or not.

    I know this is a little old...but I was able to get it going. I wrote a quick script to play the sound I made. Mystic calls it up anytime someone pages the Sysop. Works like a charm :)


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