• Upgrades!

    From poindexter FORTRAN@46:1/115 to All on Wed Jun 29 13:11:00 2022
    I moved the BBS from a bare-metal server to a VM on my Proxmox laptop "server". While I was moving things around, I took the opportunity to open
    my my Proxmox server, add 8 more gigs of memory, and blow out the dust from the inside.

    I cleaned off 8 year old thermal grease while I was in there, and re-greased the CPU. Put it all together, and it's managing nicely.

    I found an old extended battery that lifts the back of the laptop up an inch or so, so I'll get a little more airflow out of the system through the
    bottom vents.

    My Proxmox server is running with a small load at 55 degrees C, I think I'm ready for a break.

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