• League 411 BRE Resets Soon. Now Is A Good Time To Join CombatNet!

    From Rastus@46:1/107 to AGN_BBS,FIDO.OTHERNETS,JustaXnet.Ju on Wed Jun 20 16:39:48 2018
    ------[ C O M B A T N E T I B B S G A M I N G ]--------- ------------------------------------------------------------

    CombatNet is an Virtual IBBS Gaming League.

    The mission of CombatNet is to provide a reliable, error-free,
    low latency gaming network. The Server is powered by Ubuntu
    Linux and is reliable, fast, up-to date and is diligently
    monitored and maintained by the L/C.

    CombatNet is Virtual in that all games reside on our server.
    Each node plays on a separate instance of the game but all
    network traffic is limited to our local network. This nearly
    eliminates the possibility of Missing In Transit (MIT), Lost
    Packets, Delayed Packets, Packet Mangling, etc. However, each
    SysOp has full control over which users from their BBS may
    access the CombatNet Game Menu. We also offer a few Echo-
    Conferences for SysOps that are interested (the echo's are
    not a requirement).

    The League Coordinator, Fat Rastus, is available to assist SysOps
    with setting up the mailer and game menu. No matter the skill
    level of the SysOp, together we will ensure that your BBS has
    a reliable connection to our server. SysOps may provide a
    custom AnsiArt background for their CBNET Menu to ensure
    that the CombatNet Menu matches the motif /scheme of their BBS.

    Check out http://combatnet.us if you are interested. I hope
    that you will consider joining our new network!

    Our IBBS Game offerings include:

    Barren Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye and The Arcadian Legends

    We also include the 'Community Game Room' where many of the
    popular BBS games such as Global Wars, Lord, Lord II, Usurper,
    Operation Overkill, etc.


    Fat Rastus | SysOp: CombatNet IBBS Gaming
    Play Barren Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye, & More!
    info@combatnet.us | http://combatnet.us
    --- SBBSecho 3.05-Linux
    * Origin: Electronic Warfare BBS | telnet:\\bbs.ewbbs.net (46:1/107)