• The Masters of Pixel Art

    From Dw@46:10/184 to All on Fri Mar 19 22:54:00 2021
    Hi Everyone,

    Most of you following this echo are probably already aware, but just in ¨case anyone missed it who may be interested...

    If you're looking for an excelent series of quality hardcover Pixel Art ¨books, spanning 3 volumes:

    1 - 5-bit to 8-bit colour depth images - Amiga & Atari & PC

    2 - Commodore 64 and other retro 8-bit platforms like the Amstrad CPC, ZX ¨Spectrum, Atari XL-XE, Commodore Plus/4 and MSX

    3 - Contemporary Pixel Artists

    I'm in no way associated with selling this, just a friendly push out for ¨those who may be interested. :) ¨I backed & purchased every volume over their initial production run.
    The quality is outstanding, both in the print, the content and the physical ¨paper materials.
    Plus my names in the back, so that makes me a big deal ;) Signing copies ¨anyone? lol j/k

    Highly recommended to anyone interested in Pixel Art or the art history of ¨the Demoscene/games etc...



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