• Buying newschool colored ascii's

    From warmfuzzy@46:1/104 to All on Mon Feb 27 17:26:08 2017
    I will be administering a new bulletin board system and would like some nice graphics to go with it. Specifically I'm looking for colored ASCII graphics in the ANSI file format. I think it might be easier to show you what I'm looking for rather than just describing it, so I've posted a sample ansi at the following address: http://filebin.ca/3DoC0qeLBXjP/PURCHASE.ANS The images that are closer to the top of the ANSI are closer to what I'm looking for. Please write me if you are good at this stuff. All I'm looking for is a 9-line (by 80) picture that is based on the People In Crisis graphic. If you are able to do this, please message me and I will give you details about the BBS so that you can fill in the letters needed. I can pay you by PayPal. I'm looking for something basically identical to the PiC graphic, with the same color scheme. If you can do it message me on your price and I'll try to work something out.

    Thank you for your time. Best regards, Warmfuzzy

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