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ACiDDraw v1.25r ANSI Editor for DOS -

The ultimate drawing utility which allows
creation and manipulation of ANSI/ASCII
images.  ACiDDraw now supports a myriad
of save formats including ANSI, ASCII,
Pascal, C, Asm, COM, BIN, and PCBoard.
Also featured is up to four simultaneous
editing pages at 1000 lines each, 160-
column editing mode, VGA previewing, 
text justification, and much, much more.

Over 1 million copies distributed.

Uncrippled Shareware.
Copyright 1994-1999 ACiD Productions
An. (Unknown)

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 Hudson.pdf     262181 Scientific American Article:
Matthew Hudson's piece on
"An Honest Liar" (Trump)

ASG---20.17_ (Unknown)

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EMP_Defensese.pdf    1495552 "Homemade EMP Defenses:
Build Your Own Faraday Cage To Protect
Sensitive Electronic Devices"
By Jim Jeffries
American Survival Guide, September 2017

ASG---20.18_ (Unknown)

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lear_Warheads.pdf    2862044 "14,900 Nuclear Warheads"
By George Kaplan
American Survival Guide, September 2018

LateNigh.tNe (Unknown)

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w.jpg      92669 The Latest Advertisement For:
The Late Night Network
The Underground BBS Scene's
Dedicated & Very Fast IRC Network

Late_Nig.ht_ (Unknown)

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_Advertisement.jpg      92669 "Advertisement"
Of The Late Night Network
#mystic Is The Unofficial Mystic BBS
Help Network And Where All The Mystic
BBS Folks Hang Out
(website still a work in progress)

Loompani.cs- (Unknown)

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e_Guide_To_Lockpicking.pdf    3786505 "The Complete Guide To Lockpicking"
By Eddie "The Wire"
Loompanics Unlimited

Newsweek. (Unknown)

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moking.pdf    1191294 Newsweek Magazine, 2018
Article Extract: "What Are The Rebublicans Smoking

Something to think about when considering the fund
methods of special access programs who have their
complete funding mechanisms.  Just a thought.

Newsweek.--- (Unknown)

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moking.pdf    1191294 "What Are Republican's Smoking?"
By Alexandra Hutzler
Newsweek, August 24, 2018

TechLife. (Unknown)

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Shots.pdf     553728 TechLife Magazine: Take Sharper Shots Article