• [ANSI] Mortal Combat/SEGA

    From cr1mson@316:36/1 to All on Tue Jan 8 21:31:36 2019
    Combat for my Sega Genesis. I
    feel it takes more skill to play and win vintage games then these new mo derngames. The graphics might be better
    , the music/sound have more quality,
    butI find the difficult being a lot more for con
    sole gaming rigs.On a side note
    , I can't break away from playing D
    iablo III on my PC. Ifyou
    'd like to party and tear up some mobs, hit me
    up and I'll play with you.---
    ÄÄÄ cr1mson <p
    henom> ÄÄÄ
    ÄÄÄ Raider's Inc.
    ng.com ÄÄÄ
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