• Reverse Speech

    From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to All on Fri May 25 17:55:53 2018
    I found a most intriguing podcast called "The Conspiracy Show -- With Richard Syrett" off of Zoomer Radio. Its address is: www.zoomerradio.ca in their "podcast" section. There were two episodes on this topic on: March 11th and April 22nd or 2018 and are stored there indefintely. I found the show to be really intriguing and I now have an excuse to buy the Sony PCM-D100 Field Recorder that I was looking at buying. :) The theory goes that somehow the truth of what a person says is built-in to their speech when played in
    reverse, and if we are living in a big hologram than this might be for real. My analysis of these two shows won't do it justice, so check it out for yourself and hear what I'm talking about in its original form. I would recommend this radio show... its kind of like Coast to Coast AM but Canadian-style. Have fun!

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