• Ghost

    From Odysseus@700:100/3 to All on Sun May 20 18:26:19 2018
    It seems that almost every apartment I live in shows evidence of spirital activity. I currently live in an old town next to a cemetery and my doors in the house open and close. Also I use to hear footsteps. That has subsided.
    Once I lived in my grandfathers house and had an experience where I was
    playing a video game in his old room where he passed in his sleep in 1989. Anyways, I was sitting in a chair and I felt a pull on my shirt that wouldnt let go and it scared the crap out of me. I figured maybe he wanted me out of his room so I left. He also didn't like my gf, he use to mess with her alot. Again, I use to hear footsteps going up the hallway of 1 am. Crazy stuff. But
    I have always felt a connection like that.

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