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    Hi Everyone,
    Are you interested in predictive studies? I have coined the term predictive studies to encompass psychic phenomenon, prophetic phenomenon, scientific remote viewing, divination, and spiritual impartation. There is a magazine
    that describes the latest techniques and findings relating to Remote Viewing. It is called Eight Martinis Magazine and can be found at
    www.eightmartinis.com. The magazines go for a buck fifty, and the earlier copies are free. I am not advocating the practice of remote viewing but do believe that the study of these phenomenon can better your understanding of
    the universe and learn what the experts know about spiritual-predictive studies.

    If you want to learn about this stuff I am convinced that learning in itself about this stuff is not a bad thing; its practice apart from God is referred to as Divination which can put your soul in peril. This is for educational use only, and is an important field of study.

    Have fun with this, take this opportunity to learn about predictive studies
    at little to no cost from yourself. Beware, this is a whole lot more serious than you might imagine. ;)

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    What exactly is spiritual impartation?

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  • From warmfuzzy@700:100/0 to Hawk Hubbard on Tue Nov 14 00:55:03 2017
    What exactly is spiritual impartation?

    Its the idea that life is not only in the physical realm but in the spirit realm as well (having a spiritual body and not a physical one). Spiritual impartation is the transfering of knowledge from a spirit being to a carnal (physical) body.

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